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Best and Worst Months to Visit Antigua

Ffryes Beach is best enjoyed from December through May. Credit: Antigua and Barbuda Dept. of Tourism
Ffryes Beach is best enjoyed from December through May. Credit: Antigua and Barbuda Dept. of Tourism
Antigua is the typical Caribbean island, sun-drenched and fringed with white sand beaches and aquamarine seas.

But the island isn't always sun drenched. Sometimes it also is drenched with rain. The best time to visit Antigua is December to April when rain averages two inches a month. The worst time is September to November during the rainy season.

Even so, vacationers who are wondering when to go may find that certain times during the dry season are better than others. Sometimes even the rainy season may offer a reason to go.

Winter/Dry Season

Antigua temperature chart
Average monthly Antigua temperatures. © 2020 Scott S. Bateman
For obvious reasons, the best time to visit a country for good weather is during the period of least humidity and a warm, somewhat comfortable temperature. For Antigua, this period is the traditional winter and early spring from December through April.

The dry season begins in January, and though there are sometimes droughts, the sunshine creates one of the most pleasant climates in the Caribbean. As such, visitors should make flight and hotel reservations several months in advance as this is the peak tourist season.

As expected, this period is also the most expensive times to visit Antigua due to the high demand. FYI, going a little before or after that (November, May and June) could make for a cheaper and far less crowded trip.

Summer Months

Antigua monthly rainfall
Average monthly Antigua rainfall. © 2020 Scott S. Bateman
The summer period of May to August is typically a fair period during which to travel. Hotel prices can be up to 40 percent off during this season.

Antigua is often overlooked by the Spring Break crowds, so it's perfect for those looking to dodge the adventure-crazed coeds.

Keep in mind that many of the smaller hotels and attractions close immediately after summer and reopen just before winter or early October.

Festivals and Carnivals

Antigua has two well-attended boating festivals. Sailing Week takes place either in late April or early May, during which the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta brings a similar crowd for a five-day event. Several weeks after, a world-class regatta brings with it an international crowd.

Carnival also takes place during the summer and lasts for 10 days in an island-wide celebration with music, costumes, floats and general revelry.

The Antiguan Jazz Festival, a relatively popular celebration of music, brings with it established and upcoming artistes in popular music from Antigua, the Caribbean and globally. The festival is held in October.

Other Times To Visit

For the spendthrifts, the best time to visit Antigua is May to November, the island's off-season. During this period, prices are slashed for luxury items as well as accommodations.

More generally, the winter season between mid-December and mid-April present the best weather conditions (cool and dry) and is especially favorable as far as the weather is concerned.

Beach lovers should consider visiting in March or especially April and avoid December through February because cooler air temperatures mean cooler water temperatures.

When to Book

Vacation planners should book at least several weeks to a few months in advance for the winter high season.

Beyond that, the summer Carnival and spring sailing week in April require bookings many months in advance to secure favorable accommodations.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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January 02, 2020
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