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Anguilla Shore Excursion Tips

Anguilla excursions
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Many vacationers spending time in Anguilla may find their resort, hotel or villa so mesmerizing that they stay there for the majority of their visit.

While it's necessary to enjoy peace and relaxation during vacation, there's plenty to do in Anguilla. Use this page as a guide to find numerous tour/excursion opportunities available in this gorgeous and unspoiled island of sun and sand.

1. Cap Juluca Boat Trips & Excursions

Situated on the southwest coast of Anguilla and overlooking the mountains of St. Maarten only seven miles away, Cap Juluca is a 179-acre resort that is well known for offering privacy and exclusivity.

Cap Juluca offers a comprehensive schedule of daily boat trips and excursions of various sites as well as activities around Anguilla. See and experience the island from one of the most breathtaking places of all -- the Caribbean Sea. The excursion package lasts for an entire week (Sunday to Saturday) and includes the following:

Sunday: Day trip to Scilly Cay and snorkeling at Shoal Bay – At Scilly Cay, visitors may enjoy lunch at the Gorgeous Scilly Cay restaurant. Later, the boat will stop at Shoal Bay for more reef snorkeling.

Monday: Open charter day - Explore Anguilla by boat for about four hours.

Tuesday: Half day snorkeling tour to Sandy Island - Visit Sandy Island, one of Anguilla's favorite snorkeling sites. This tour also includes lunch as well as swimming along the shallow reefs surrounding the island.

Wednesday: Day trip to Scilly Cay and snorkeling at Shoal Bay – Offers snrkelling at the secluded Little Bay followed by a lunch at the Gorgeous Scilly Cay restaurant. Finally, the snorkeling continues at Shoal Bay.

Thursday: Half-day snorkelling tour to Little Bay – Secluded and surrounded by unspoiled beach and high cliffs, Little Bayoffers a great site for snorkelling and swimming.

Friday: Sunset cruise – This cruise allows travellers to relax, listen to soothing music, partake of gormet choices and watch the sun set in the vast Caribbean Sea.

Saturday: Open charter day – This is simply an open charter similar to that offered on Monday.

Visitors are also allowed to book private tours and organize their entire trip as they wish.

2. Viceroy Anguilla Boat Tours

Viceroy Anguilla is a sophisticated resort with a modern architecture that is integrated into the natural tropical environment. Among the resorts offers is a 30 minute drive to Shoal Bay.

With this trip, Captain Junior Fleming will take visitors on a canopy-covered glass bottom boat through the reef jungle off Shoal Bay. Visitors will see various coral formations, fish and other life forms including greenback turtles and starfish.

The tour is available Sunday through Friday ad lasts 10 a.m. To 5 p.m.. Advance reservations is required.

3. Chocolat Tours

Chocolat offers all day trips to Prickly Pear Cays. Prickly Pear Cays are two small, lesser known islands, located on the leeward side of Anguilla in a marine reserve surrounded by a rich and highly populated reef. Prickly Pear is small and contains no inhabitants, a perfect getaway for island explorers.

Both islands offer 360 degrees of powdery sand and turquoise water. They are therefore popular among swimmers and snorkelers looking for a less crowded experience. While Chocolat offers a packaged visit, those wishing to go by themselves will have to hop on a sailboat or catamaran to make your way over.

Importantly, it's best to snorkel along the Anguillan side where the tourist boats don't sail. Here there exists beautiful pink, yellow conch shells and abundant marine life. There are two restaurants and a bar so spending the day here is not an issue.

4. Shaun Webster and the Sea Grape

Shaun Webster is a well-known captain of his boat, the Sea Grape. Webster will customize whatever kind of Anguilla boat tour his clients would like including round-the-island tours.

The Sea Grape itself is small but luxurious, complete with a bedroom, kitchen and living room perfect for a small family or couple on vacation. Travellers can also sunbathe on the deck.

Sea Grape tours often includes the following stops, among others:

Little Bay: here, the water is virtual glass and akin to a gorgeous form of turquoise. Moreover, the area is secluded and peaceful.

Blackgarden Bay: This is a charming little bay complete with a pristine beach.

Katouche Bay: Katouche Bay is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

5. Anguilla Access Tours

Anguilla Access provides land tours via mini-vans or small buses. The vehicles are equipped with fully stoked water bars and AC in an otherwise tropical atmosphere.

These tours include the following stops:

  • Island heritage sites
  • Local Art & Craft
  • Pristine beaches and shorelines
  • Local cuisine (restaurants and cafes)
  • Authentic night life (nightlubs)

Anguilla is well known as a haven for celebrities who wish to enjoy privacy in a beautiful Caribbean setting.

Cruise through the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean, taking in the sights of warm sandy beaches, sun swept coral cliffs and caves along the coast of stunning beaches.

Otherwise visit the island's top attractions including a plethora of historical sites, craft venues and gourmet restaurants. Whichever experience visitors want, they can be assured that a tour of Anguilla will be well worth it.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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March 10, 2021