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Havensight Mall Walking Tour Tips

Havensight Mall
Havensight Mall entrance. © 2020 Scott S. Bateman

St. Thomas cruise visitors will have no problem shopping and even eating like crazy at Havensight Mall.

The “mall” part of the name is a bit misleading. It began as a small collection of shopping and dining buildings that some may describe as an outdoor mall. It is now a sprawling complex of shops, restaurants and entertainment that is one of the leading cruise port districts in the Caribbean.

The mall is right by Havensight Cruise Pier, which is where most eastern Caribbean cruise ships dock when visiting St. Thomas. Havensight is one of the original cruise malls that are now popping up next to cruise piers throughout the Caribbean. The St. Thomas mall began many years ago as a small set of buildings with the usual Caribbean tourism shops containing souvenirs, jewelry and electronics.

Even back then, visitors such as us would wander briefly among the buildings and then take a taxi or shuttle bus to Charlotte Amalie, where the most popular duty-free shopping took place.

Now it is the other way around. The area around Havensight has grown so large that it easily competes with Charlotte Amalie. We were surprised by the difference between our first and second cruise visits to St. Thomas. So Havensight isn’t just a mall anymore. It’s a neighborhood.

In the meantime, downtown Charlotte Amalie has suffered and has less to offer cruise visitors.

Havensight Mall Map

It’s not just the mall itself that has grown, which consists of at least 65 stores, according to the mall operator. Many shops and restaurants have grown around it.

Cruise visitors can walk off their ships and go only a few hundred feet to reach the series of buildings that make up the mall.

The area is now so big that free open-air shuttles take passengers from one point to another around the mall area. Inexpensive shuttles go from the entrance of the mall to Charlotte Amalie on a regular basis.

Shore excursion shuttles also pick up passengers at the mall to take them elsewhere on the island.

The mall is usually open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily when ships are in port.

Nearby Attractions

One of the major attractions on St. Thomas is right by the mall. Visitors to the shopping area will see the St. Thomas Skyride in the near distance.

The skyride takes 24 passengers every seven minutes 700 feet above Charlotte Amalie to the top of Flag Hill for views of the islands. Shopping and dining are available at the top.

Cruise passengers who want to shop on St. Thomas will find that Havensight may fill their desire and leave the rest of the day for beaches and excursions. Otherwise, they can take a quick shuttle to Charlotte Amalie for more of the same.

It’s possible for cruise visitors to walk from Havensight to Charlotte Amalie depending on what they want to do. For example, the Bluebeard’s Castle attraction is about three fourths of a mile away. But Fort Christian is nearly 1.5 miles. Energetic visitors may want to walk, but a hot day could discourage most people.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
February 03, 2022

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