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Top Montevideo Beaches

Montevideo beach
Montevideo beach; credit: Wikimedia

If Uruguay can muster no other reason for its attractiveness, it is at least unquestionable that this Latin American country can speak of the lure of the pristine beaches.

Yes, Uruguay boasts some of the best beaches in the Americas. Visitors to Uruguay and the cruise port of Montevideo enjoy beach getaways along the famed ritzy coastline at Punta del Este or venture farther to explore the empty sands of Cabo Polonio or Punta del Diablo.  Here, we will get a glimpse into what makes with a preview of five great beaches on offer.

1. Pocitos Beach

With glistening white sand stretching beneath a long strip of high-rises, this beach features a rather youthful and urban feel. For this and other reasons, Pocitos Beach attracts some of the largest crowds, especially on national holidays.

During the summer, Pocitos is possibly the most heavily visited beach in Uruguay. A small caveat is that the water appears a bit brownish and not as crystal clear as some of other beaches along the coast.

The beach offers a number of basic amenities along with establishments such as restaurants and ice cream parlours. The beach is often used for various water sports such as a beach football or volleyball game. In essence, a day at Pocitos is a treat for the entire family.

2. La Rambla

La Rambla is Montevideo’s promenade. This strip comprises 13-miles of coastal pathway, commencing at the Port of Montevideo, then proceeds to link the each communities of Pocitos, Punta Carretas, Carrasco and Buseo.

While not as popular as Pocitos, La Ramba is abuzz during the summer months with visitors arriving to enjoy an eclectic selection of activities including swimming, diving lessons, tai chi, aerobic exercise, surfing and hiking. The best part is, these activities are free of charge and chosen in accordance with the wind and wave conditions of the specific beach location.

3. Buceo Beach

When you speak of pristine beauty, Buceo comes to mind. This beach is among Montevideo’s most picturesque, with calm waters and a pleasant marina lined with small boats and yachts.

Buceo’s tranquillity makes it a wonderful option for families, featuring family-oriented sports activities and a calm of assurance. On the other hand, the winds can get a bit “steamy” at certain times of year. During these periods, the windsurfers come out to play.

4. Playa Verde

Though Buceo is a popular beach for windsurfing depending on the time of year, no beach in Uraguay beats Playa Verde. Here, Montevideo’s big waves and strong winds hang out all year round. As such, so do the surfers.

Naturally, Playa Verde hosts the highest levels of windsurfing, surfing, canoe, snorkelling, scuba diving, spear fishing and kayaking classes at this beach.

Visitors who prefer a quieter getaway can stop by Hemingway Restaurant, which overlooks Playa Verde. They can sit outside, enjoy a seafood dinner and watch the multi-coloured Uruguayan sunsets.

5. Malvin Beach

Much like the previously mentioned, Malvin Beach is a picture of tranquility. Set on a large, calm bay to the east of Buceo, the beach’s sands stretch wide and far. It goes so far from the city centre that it connects to Honda Beach, another attractive beach farther to the east.

At Malvin, visitors will find far less activity and a more peaceful and seclude setting, perfect for couples or those simply looking for a quiet getaway.  Though not highly trafficked, Malvin features its own restaurants and bars, as well as picturesque views of the city in the distance.

It’s undoubtable that Uruguay has some of the best beaches within Latin America.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
February 17, 2020

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