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5 Noteworthy Rio Restaurants

Santa Teresa district
Santa Teresa district. Credit: Wikimedia

One of the best features of great tourist destinations is that they offer a wide array of culinary choices. In this, Rio de Janiero is no different. World famous for its sizzling dining scene, Rio embraces all types of cuisine.

Whether it’s traditional or contemporary, international or local, Rio will feature restaurants that fit the description.

1. Aprazível

Aprazível is a popular Brazilian restaurant located in the charming and cool neighborhood of Santa Teresa. With an easy going atmosphere, Aprazivel means “pleasant”, a relation to the actual setting. The restaurant is set in a tropical garden filled with exotic plants and birds. The garden is illuminated by hanging lanterns in the night. Moreover, their outdoor tables offer excellent views of downtown and Guanabara Bay.

A great eatery for vegetarians, Aprazível also serves up several dishes that include home grown Brazilian vegetables.  Interestingly, the chefs here adds a French twist to the traditional Brazilian dishes.

2. Antiquariusis

Frequented by several Brazilian and international celebrities, Antiquariusis is a traditional restaurant that is well known for its Portuguese style cuisine. As such, various dishes that are embedded in Brazil’s history are served here.

Apart from food, the setting also features a traditional setting laced with antique furniture and traditional Portuguese architecture.

3. Gero

Gero belongs to the Fasano Group, a Brazil household name in upscale restaurants and now also in hotels. With their signature high-ceilings and wooden-floors, the buildings exhibit the clean, contemporary design that is the Fasano hallmark.

The Leblon location follows the style of the original restaurant, in Sao Paulo. Among the many highlights are Gero’s fresh-made pastas and risottos. Notably, vegetarian options are plentiful here.

4. Olympe

Curated by one of the most respected chefs in Brazil,  Olympe is a French restaurant located close to the scenic Botanical Garden.  Popular choices here include the polvilho served with bread as well as rabbit- served with a unique slightly forestier-style sauce and baroa.

As a worthy member of the Troigros family of stellar restaurants, Olympe has a flair for incorporating Brazil’s culinary traditions into his art.

5. Roberta Sudbrack

Slightly different from the traditional Brazilian restaurant, Roberta Sudbrack may be described as contemporary. Snuggled in the Botanical Garden area, this restaurant is known for serving recipes that combine a wide array of modern styles in daring combinations.

Ranging from the upscale to the casual, Rio de Janeiro is laced with a vast array of exceptional restaurants offering world-class cuisine.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
February 17, 2020

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