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The Arch at Cabo San Lucas Excursion Tips

The Arch at Cabo San Lucas
The Arch at Cabo San Lucas. Credit: Pixabay license

The Arch at Cabo San Lucas is a popular attraction for jet skiers, pleasure boats and excursion boats alike.

Like its name suggests, The Arch is a rock arch that juts out from a large granite formation near Cabos San Lucas on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. It stands at the end of a small peninsula called Land’s End.

The craggy, wind-sculpted formation, which often attracts sea lions, is a common subject for photographers. Whales migrate through the area between December and March. The Arch and surrounding waters make one of the best known and most popular attractions in the area.

The Arch, known locally as El Arco, has a small beach around it so visitors on jet skis and pleasure boats can approach and spend time there. It also is possible to rent kayaks to reach it.

Excursion operators for sightseers usually come within a comfortable viewing distance but don’t land at the site. They are a better option for people who simply want to photograph the The Arch and the surrounding views of Cabo. The location is especially pretty around sunset.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas Map

Other excursion operators take snorkelers and scuba divers to the site. It’s also possible to take a long walk to Land’s End and possibly the Arch from the Cabos San Lucas marina during low tide. Walkers also can visit Divorce Beach is nearby.

We thought our excursion boat tour was about average to slightly below average compared to the many attractions and excursions we have seen in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

I recommend it for anyone who is passionate about photography or for an excursion that offers other amenities and sightseeing.

For cruise shore excursions, expect to pay about $70 per person for a four-hour trip that includes The Arch, a beach visit and possibly some food and beverages. Independent tour operators will cost less and offer alternative amenities.