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Puerto Vallarta Vacation Review

The city of Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, in the Bay of Banderas.

Above the city are the Sierra Madre Mountains and the coast is comprised of 1,300 km of soft white sands.

The Beaches

There are a total of 26 beaches with the Banderas Bay. Beaches to the north tend to be wider and longer, as the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains are set further back from the ocean.

Southern beaches are made up of many small coves and the water is deeper in these areas.

Beaches in Puerto Vallarta come in many different styles.

Some are upbeat, with locals flocking the area to picnic and enjoy the sun.

Others are more relaxing , with a secluded beach with clear gentle waters. In any case, all of them are beautiful.


The beach promenade, known as the Malecon, is the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

The long stretch, along the coast, hosts entertainment of all sorts. Local entertainers perform music, dance and show artwork. Restaurants and shops are bustling with energy during the day and well into the night.

Three bronze sculptures are also located along the Malecon and have become a trademark for Puerto Vallarta. The sculptures are nautically themed, known as: Fountain of the Dolphins, Neptune and Mermaid, and The Seahorse.

Old Vallarta

Old Vallarta is also known as the “romantic zone”.

Cobblestone streets are lined with colorful bougainvilleas and red brick rooftops. There are over 200 restaurants in the area, perfect for an evening out.

There are also boutique shops in Old Vallarta that sell handicrafts, jewelry and leather goods.

This part of Puerto Vallarta is the original fishing village, where the tourism all began.

South Zone

The south zone of Puerto Vallarta has many rugged areas only accessible by boat.

Many small Mexican villages give visitors a real taste of authentic Mexico.

Isla del Rio Cuale

Isla del Rio Cuale is a small island separating the north and south ends of Puerto Vallarta.

It is a very popular area with restaurants, bars, art galleries and a park.

Museo del Cuale is also here, showing Indian artifacts and works by local artists.

Marina Vallarta

This marina is located at the northernmost end of Puerto Vallarta and is home to a golf course, yacht clubs, a 500-slip marina and a large shopping mall.

Los Arcos

Just south of the city are the famous arches, known as Los Arcos. They are three rock islands that are also protected ecological zones thriving with sea life.

People can visit by boat and snorkel or dive in this amazing ocean area.