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Puerto Vallarta Climate

Puerto Vallarta has a tropical climate, with steady temperatures throughout the year.

The average monthly temperatures range with highs from 83 to 92 degrees F.

From December to May maximum temperatures remain in the 80s. June through November brings higher temperatures in the 90s.

Daily minimums begin in the 60s from November through May. Months between June and October have warmer minimum temperatures in the 70s. Even in the winter, Puerto Vallarta never receives chilling weather.

The rainy season begins in mid June and continues through mid October. The wettest of all the months is July, with an average total of 328 mm. The driest month with an average of 1.5mm is April.

The best months to travel to Puerto Vallarta would be March and April. These months have warm weather and very little rainfall. Those wishing to travel in the hotter months would choose August and September.

In spite of rainfall, the summer months continue to be popular for vacationers because of the cheaper airfares.

With the changing seasons, there is also found to be a distinct wet and dry pattern.

July through September bring sudden monsoon rains and high humidity percentages. February, March and April have the least amount of cloud cover.

Winds and other weather systems that approach Puerto Vallarta get weakened as they pass over Cabo Corriente. This causes Puerto Vallarta weather to be milder compared to the other areas on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

The hurricane season is very rare for Puerto Vallarta due to the topography of Banderas Bay. The area is well protected from tropical storms as get swung out into the Pacific Ocean. It has been over 40 years since Puerto Vallarta has been severely damaged by a storm.

With the protection of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta has fantastic weather for both permanent living and vacationing. Three hundred twenty two days of sunshine make Puerto Vallarta warm and welcoming.

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