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Mexican Riviera Weather in April: Rainfall, Temperatures

Catalina Island lighthouse
Catalina Island is dry but cool in April. Credit: Wikimedia (Creative Commons License)

April weather on the Mexican Riviera presents one of the best months of the year to visit this long stretch of cruise and resort destinations on the Pacific Coast.

Cruise visitors often embark from cities in California such as San Diego and Los Angeles. Many of the ships will stop at California’s Catalina island and head south along the coast.

Weather varies greatly because of the distances between major cities. Ensenada is the farthest north and Acapulco is the farest south. They are 1,500 miles apart, which means Ensenada is much cooler in the winter and Acapulco much hotter in the summer.

As a result, cities such as Puerto Vallarta in the south are more popular in the spring.

Mexican Riviera Temperatures in April

The average high temperature for the seven major destinations in April is 81 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 degrees Celsius, according to historical data from the Mexico Tourism Ministry.

But the range varies greatly among the destinations because of their distances apart. Catalina Island has an average high of 73 Fahrenheit and Ensenada is even lower at 71 degrees. Mazatlán averages 78 degrees. All three will be too cool for beaches and swimming.

Acapulco, Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta average in the mid to upper 80s Fahrenheit or low 30s Celsius with enough warmth of water activities.

For people who like milder temperatures, the northern destinations are more attractive in April. For people who like beaches and water activities, the southern destinations will have greater appeal.

Although temperatures get much warmer during the summer months, the level of rain starts to climb quickly.

Mexican Riviera Rainfall in April

The average rainfall during the month is an even better reason to visit the region during this time of year.

April is the driest month of the entire year based on historical data from the Mexico Tourism Ministry.

All six of the major destinations in the country have average rainfall close to zero.

Catalina Island on the California coast drops to about one inch as it begins to enter a dry season with almost no rain for the next six months.

Low rainfall is another reason to love Mexican Riviera weather in April. The opportunity lasts only one more month because May also has low rainfall. But then the climate changes

The Pacific hurricane season officially begins May 15 and goes until Nov. 30. The southern destinations often experience as much as 10 inches or more rain each month starting in June and continuing through September.

April and May are the two best months of the year to visit the Mexican Riviera for a combination of warm temperatures and almost no rain.