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Mexican Riviera Cruise Travel Insurance

Exactly two months before our Mexican Riviera cruise in December, I researched a quote for travel insurance.

Cruise travel insurance is worth considering for anyone who has health issues or plans to go during risky weather.

We have never bought travel insurance despite many cruises and vacations. For us, it is a calculated risk. For example, we have no reason to worry about emergency medical assistance, cancellation in advance of the trip or other reasons.

But it does make sense for some people, especially elderly people who may not be in good health. On one cruise, an elderly passenger had a medical emergency that needed hospital care. A helicopter had to take them off the ship and on to shore.

A pregnant woman who ends up delivering a baby early may have to cancel. Someone in a high-level executive job may have to cancel for business reasons. We have watched as a boat came from shore to take a man off the ship in the middle of a cruise.

Monetary risk is especially high for anyone who is staying in an expensive cruise ship suite with multiple family members.

Mexican Riviera weather is risky during the Pacific hurricane season, which officially begins May 15 and ends Nov. 30 every year. Tropical storms and hurricanes (which are tropical storms that grow in intensity) are more common. September is the worst month to visit because it historically brings the most rain, storms and hurricanes.

Travel Insurance Example

For the following example, I used the Travel Guard website to research the cost and benefits of cruise travel insurance. I had to answer a series of questions before getting a quote:

  • Where are you going? Name the country.
  • Are you taking a plane, cruise or neither? Choose all that apply. I chose plane and cruise.
  • When is your trip?
  • State of residence?
  • Traveler info per person: date of birth and cost. I put in $1,250 per person or $2,500 total.
  • Initial payment date to travel operator?

The answers to those questions produced the following quote:

Mexican Riviera cruise travel insurance

The most expensive Deluxe program adds 11 percent to the base cost of the trip. The least expensive Essential program adds 7 percent to the base cost.

It’s important to note that these costs will increase as the cruise gets closer in time because the risk goes up.

Weather is a major reason why the risk goes up. If the weather forecast shows the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane 10 days before the trip, the travel insurance company has a much higher chance of paying the total cost of a cruise cancellation.

In the quote, note the line that says “Cancel any reason”. Anyone who takes a cruise during the peak hurricane season and chooses either the Deluxe or Preferred package can cancel the insurance before the trip if the weather forecast looks good. Anyone who chooses the essential package doesn’t have that option.