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Mazatlan Points of Interest and Map

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Cruise Dock

Cruise ships dock in the commercial port of Mazatlan. This port is busy with cargo ships so cruisers are taken on a free tram to the cruise terminal. Cruisers can stroll around, looking at the craft vendors and shops or grab a cold beer under the shady trees. Be aware: timeshare vendors will offer you free rides to city spots but you have to agree to listen to their timeshare speech.


El Mercado - 23.244349,-106.445004
This is a large marketplace in the town center. Customers can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and a variety of souvenirs.

Mazatlan Aquarium - 23.227497,-106.428295
This aquarium is the largest in Mexico and is home to a planetarium, botanical gardens, a bird theater and an abundance of sea life. For those adventurous visitors, rental dive equipment is available to experience swimming with a pair of Nurse Sharks.

Old Town - 23.195821,-106.425589
Popular tourism began in Old Town in the 1950's. It's comprised of colonial building that date back to the early 19th century and they are still intact today. Visitors can stroll along the cobblestone streets with restaurants and boutiques lining the lane. There is also a museum of archaeology, which showcases ancient Mexican artifacts.

Angela Peralta Theater - 23.199253,-106.420203
This beautiful theater is one of Mazatlan's most important tourist attractions, as it draws in internationally known artists for musical and theater performances. For those in the area, it is a "must see", being one of the greatest venues in all of Mexico.

Museo Casa Machado - 23.205118,-106.419975
The Machado House Museum is a true gem in the history of Mazatlan. It gives a peek into the wealthy life of the 1800's Mazatlan family. The home shows off its authentic architecture, fascinating artworks, antiques and musical instruments.


Playa Norte - 23.207412,-106.425591
Almost ten miles long, this beach stretches from the border of Mazatlan to the tip of Zona Dorada. The south end of the beach offers very calm waters for swimmers to enjoy.

Playa Bruja - 23.264857,-106.465986
The north end of the Cerritos district is home to Playa Bruja. The seashore is large and often empty. It is a great beach to have some privacy and a quiet afternoon.

Playa Camaron Sabalo - 23.260321,-106.464102
Sitting in the hotel zone location makes this one of the most popular beaches. Tourists flock here to play in the sun. In the evening, Valentino's Night Club (which sits on a cliff above the beach) fills with dancers and socialites.

Playa Olas Atlas - 23.229874,-106.432035
This beach is located at the beginning of Malecon, close to old town Mazatlan. During the week, this beach can be very quiet, with few locals visiting the area. On weekends the beach becomes full of life with sunbathers and surfers bobbing in the waves.