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Marina Cabo San Lucas Travel Tips

Cabos San Lucas marina
Cabos San Lucas marina. © 2017 Scott S. Bateman
Visitors to Cabo San Lucas will find it hard to overlook Marina Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo cruise visitors disembark from their ships right at the edge of the marina. Hotel and villa travelers can't miss the giant marina if they simply go to the waterfront in this vibrant city on the Mexican Riviera.

A typical marina is a place for boat owners to moor their boats. The Cabo marina is both a massive mooring facility for hundreds of boats and a major shopping district.

Shops, hotels, condos and restaurants along with a large upscale mall line the 1.5-mile perimeter of the marina.

Cruise visitors disembark at the south end of the complex. From there, they can walk the distance in a giant C shape to the other end.

Walkers can access Medano Beach at the northern end of the marina for an afternoon of sun and water.

What to See and Do

Most of the restaurants are casual and offer open-air seating. Waiters often stand outside with menus and encourage visitors to try their fares.

Some even shoot out small misty sprays of cool water onto the boardwalk to tempt people with a break from the hot sun.

Prices are highly competitive and in line with what people spend at restaurants in the United States. Ask for the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and Mexican peso before ordering any food. Some restaurants charge a higher rate than others.

Note that locals walk along the marina offering various goods such as small crafts, hats, cigars, excursions, etc. Just say no thank you and move on. They are rarely aggressive.

A few vendors even offered marijuana for sale when we were there. Saying no to them is especially important to avoid breaking Mexican laws (or finding out the dealer is an undercover cop).

Most shops are typical tourism boutiques that sell T-shirts and other souvenirs. But the Puerto Paraiso Plaza and Mall break up the pattern about two thirds of the way around the marina from the cruise terminal.

The plaza has a two-story entertainment complex with movie theater, bowling alley, high-end shops, casual restaurants and upscale restaurants.

Shops go even more upscale at the Puerto Paraiso Mall. The massive stone structure is impossible to miss right next to the entertainment complex.

If nothing else, it has the best air conditioning of any place around the marina. Cabo San Lucas does get hot during the summer.

Nearby Attraction

By now, walkers may feel tired and in need of a cool break. They can keep walking along the perimeter of the marina for another half mile or veer off to Medano Beach and its own shops and restaurants.

That next half mile along the marina doesn't have as much to offer as the previous mile.

To get to the beach, keep walking another hundred yards to a small street on the left just past Jack's Bar and Grill. The beach is another 10-minute walk from this point.

Take the small street until it connects with Paseo del la Marina. Go left and keep walking to Pelicanos. Go another block or so and turn right onto Avenue del Pescador. Go up the hill and down again onto Medano Beach.
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