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Manzanillo Monthly Weather Averages

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Manzanillo monthly weather has average daytime temperatures ranging from the mid 80s Fahrenheit in the winter to low 90s in the summer.

The climate has a seven month dry season and a five month rainy season. These seasons have a major impact on cruise and hotel travel schedules.

This Mexican Riviera cruise port is a common destination on many longer Mexican Riviera cruises. It is located south of Puerto Vallarta on the western Mexican coast.

Cruise visitors will find that monthly travel weather makes a big difference in what they do when they visit Manzanillo. For example, winter visitors will often find water temperatures too chilly for swimming, so they are more likely to focus on land-based shore excursions.

Average Monthly Rainfall

Manzanillo Climate Chart

The city’s dry season goes from November through May when the average monthly rainfall is less than one inch, according to historical records from Mexico’s national meteorology service (Comisión Nacional Del Agua).

The rainy season from June through October is intense with the average monthly rainfall ranging from five inches in June and October to more than 11 inches in September. This rainy season occurs roughly during the Pacific hurricane season. It officially begins May 15 and ends Nov. 30.

Tropical storms and hurricanes usually grow more frequent during the late summer and early fall months. September is the worst month to visit Manzanillo for the risk of rain, followed by August.

Days With Rain

It isn’t just the amount of rain that impacts climate and travel weather for Manzanillo. It’s also how often the average number of days with rain each month.

For Manzanillo, August and September are again the riskiest months for days with rain for an average of about 15 each, according to the Comisión Nacional Del Agua. That means it rains on average every other day during those months. During the dry season, the average is less than one day a month.

Manzanillo Monthly Temperatures

The average daytime temperature in Manzanillo stays within a fairly narrow range throughout the year. The average ranges from the mid 80s Fahrenheit or mid 20s Celsius in the winter to about 90 Fahrenheit or low 30s Celsius in the summer.

Nighttime temperatures have a wider range. They go from the high 60s Fahrenheit or high teens Celsius in the winter to high 70s Fahrenheit or mid 20s Celsius in the summer.

The nighttime temperatures in the winter are chilly enough that seawater will often feel uncomfortable for swimming in the mornings and possibly most of the day. Manzanillo water temperatures will almost always feel comfortable from late spring to early fall.