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Guaymas Cruise Port Tips: Attractions, Weather

The Guaymas cruise port occupies a major city of more than 100,000 people, but ships visit only on longer Mexican Riviera cruises that last about 10 to 12 days.

One way to tell a cruise port doesn’t get many ships visiting is by looking up the number of available shore excursions. In the case of Guaymas, the list is short.

Holland America is one of the few cruise lines that visit Guaymas. That said, a lack of popularity isn’t always a bad thing. Cruise planners who are thinking about which itinerary to choose may want to include Guaymas if:

  • They have been on another Mexican Riviera cruise and want to see a new port.
  • They want to see a bustling Mexican seaport that hasn’t been overly commercialized for tourists.

A typical 10-day Mexican Riviera cruise that includes Guaymas might also include the major ports at Cabos San Lucas, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta along with other, smaller ports such as La Paz, Loreto and Topolobampo.

Where is Guaymas?

Guaymas is on the western coast of Mexico and faces the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortez). It is more than 470 miles north of Mazatlán.

Because of its location, cruise ships only occasionally visit. Guaymas is 15 miles south of San Carlos, which is useful to know because of attractions in that city. Other ports that face the Gulf of Mexico include La Paz, Loreto and Topolobampo.

Attractions and Shore Excursions

Guaymas Cruise Port Map

The Guaymas Malecon is a boardwalk that runs along the harbor just to the west of the cruise terminal.

Fit walkers who reach the far end of the Malecon may want to visit the neoclassical San Fernando Church, Alfonso Iberri, Centro, 85400 Heroica. A guided walking tour that takes two hours will cost about $50 per person.

Popular beaches include De Cortes and Miramar, where diving and water sports are common.

The nearby San Carlos is popular with hotel and resort tourists from the southwestern United States. It has a variety of recreational attractions including golfing, kayaking, snorkeling, boating, whale watching and deep sea fishing.

Cruise Weather

Guaymas is too small to have any historical weather averages, but the larger nearby city of Hermosillo does.

Like most Mexican Riviera cruise ports, Guayman has a dry season and a rainy season, according to Mexico’s National Water Commission. The rainy season lasts from July through October during the annual Pacific Ocean hurricane season.

Historically, total rainfall peaks at about four inches a month in August and September. But it rains only an average of 10 days a month, which is low compared to the hurricane season rainfall for other destinations.

Average daytime temperatures in Hermosillo range from the mid 70s Fahrenheit or low 20s Celsius in the winter to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit or high 30s Celsius in the summer. But Hermosillo is inland while Guaymas is on the coast, so trade winds and cooling seawater will make Guaymas more comfortable.

Still, the best time to visit Guaymas is during the spring months for the best combination of warm temperatures and low risk of rain.