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Car Rentals in Mazatlan

Getting around Mazatlan is quite easy, with many ways of transport. Travelers can choose between buses, taxis, pulmonias, and rental cars.

Buses are the cheapest way to get around town. The standard fare is approximately $0.50. For those that want the luxury of air-conditioning, it will cost $0.75. The local buses are white and can be picked up at marked stops.

The local buses are white and have the cheaper fares. The greyhound buses, which usually have the air-conditioning, are green.

It is worth the few extra cents to take the green buses; they are cooler and get to places faster.

Taxis can be cheap as well but the fares range from cab to cab. Licensed cabs are marked by a red or green stripe down the side of the car. Be sure to agree on a fee before taking a ride, or the cab driver could try to cheat you out of money.

Rates for cabs in the Golden Zone can range anywhere from $2-$4. Transporting from the Golden Zone to the downtown area will be between $6-$8.

Pulmonias are another type of transportation in the city. They are open aired golf carts that take tourists to attractions all over the city.

Fares are not set and vary depending on the driver. Make sure to agree on a fee before the ride.

Note: Pulmonias usually have VERY loud sound systems. If you are alarmed by loud noises, do not choose this type of transport.

When driving a car, it is not necessary to have insurance but it is highly suggested. In case of an accident, there has to be immediate proof of ability to pay or person involved will go straight to jail.

It is very easy to rent a car in Mazatlan; all you need is a credit card, passport and drivers license from your home country.

Here is a list of car rental companies in the area of Mazatlan:

Aga Renta Car
Camaron Sabalo 312
Las Caviotas, Mazatlan
+52 669 914 4405

AGA Rent a Car Aeropuerto Mazatlan
Aeropuerto Internacional
+52 669 981 3580

Hertz Rental Car
Camaron Sabalo 314, Zona Dorada
82110 Mazatlan
+52 669 913 6060

Buelna International Airport
82210 Mexico
+52 669-982-6363

Buelna International Airport
82080 Mexico
+52 669-989-0525

Dollar Rent a Car
Avenida Camaron Sabalo 130
Fraccionamiento Zona Dorada, 82110 Mazatlan
+52 669-954-8118

Thrifty Rental Cars
Carretera International Al Sur S/N9
Mazatlan, 82000
+52 33 3122-5979

National Car Rental
Carretera Internacional S/N
Centro, Mazatlan
+52 669-954-8116