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Cozumel Family Vacation Guide

San Gervasio Mayan site
San Gervasio Mayan site. Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons license

Families that dock at the island of Cozumel, Mexico, during a western Caribbean cruise will have a chance to discover ancient ruins, multiple different shopping areas, a ton of different excursions, and some gorgeous beaches where a family can really relax.

It doesn’t matter if a family needs to get down and dirty with a dramatic excursion or if they are just looking to take in the scenery. Something to meet all their needs is available.

Must See Family Attractions

San Gervasio Mayan Site. These ancient ruins are not the most popular in the area but they have their own unique features that will make them perfect for any family.  This is the actual site where the Mayan women would go to pray to the god of love and fertility so it was thought to be one of the most spiritual places in the city.

Castillo Real. One of the most beautiful of all of the ancient Mayan ruins on the island looks a lot like a castle and is a fun adventure for children.  The only way to get there is through a boat ride. The snorkeling is rated as some of the best in the world.

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park. Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park combines white sand beaches and many attractions for a full day of things to do on Cozumel. They include:

  • Chankanaab Reef
  • Chankanaab Lagoon
  • Inlet swimming area
  • Underwater statues
  • Botanical garden
  • Eco-archaeological tour
  • Mayan house
  • Archaeological prehispanic replicas
  • Crocodile exhibition
  • Sea lion show

Family Beaches

Paradise Beach. Perhaps the highest rated and most recommended beach in Cozumel, Paradise Beach is recommended because chairs do not have to be purchased if food or drinks are bought.

Passion Island. This exclusive beach is just for cruise guests.  It is perfect for families because it remains exclusive and is in an area that is isolated from the other beaches.  Several excursions and packages are available for adventure while at the beach.

Family Shopping

Talavera Store. This special shop features hand-painted pottery.  It is a stop for families that love art and for those who enjoy being able to find the right piece for their home.

Cozumel Flea Market. Families can find out if they can barter and bargain with the natives at this popular shopping spot. A wide variety of handmade and locally made products are available.

Adventures and Excursions

Dive House. Dives are available for beginners as well as the most advanced. Students can become certified through a number of different programs that are offered here.

Aquatic Sports. Families that are interested in being able to dive together will find an opportunity at Aquatic Sports.  The excursion takes them out to dive spots where they will be able to explore sea life and underwater coral reefs.

Cozumel offers so many unique things to do that families will love the memories that they have from being docked here.

Child Friendly Dining

El Abuelo Gerardo. A favorite of families for the warm atmosphere and delicious food is known for its fresh seafood.  The name translates to Grandfather Gerard.

Café Europe. One place to go in Cozumel where children want a treat and are asking for ice cream is Café Europe.  Traditional European style ice cream is served here among the traditional European entrees.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
March 17, 2023

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