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5 Popular Restaurants in St. Bart's

The sheer diversity of cuisines in tiny St. Bart’s is nothing short of remarkable.

A tantalizing mixture of Italian, Dutch, French and Creole, St. Bart’s cuisine is one of the best in the Caribbean. Of course, there are far more than only five terrific restaurants in St. Bart’s. Here, we will take a mouthwatering journey into the doors of five great ones.

1. L’Isola

L’Isola exists under the same ownership as Via Veneto, a popular Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, California, which has been acclaimed as of one the best restaurants in Los Angeles for the past 10 years.

Renowned for its sophisticated recipes, L’Isola brings the unique and delectable flavors of Italian cuisine to St Bart’s. In fact, dishes served here are prepared using only the finest ingredients imported directly from Italy.

Beyond the scrumptious food, L’Isola is also possibly the most elegant restaurant on the island with a lovely, warm ambiance that adds much to a memorable culinary experience.

2. L’Esprit Jean-Claude Dufour

Unlike L’Isola, restaurant Dufour offers a varied menu including sophisticated cuisine accented with flavors from all across the world. The restaurant was opened by Chef Jean-Claude Dufour and his wife Sonia.

Dufour is originally from France and so much of the dishes here at have the very least, that classy French touch. Yes, L’Esprit Jean-Claude Dufour offers that varied and exquisite cuisine, complete with a French flair in the décor, with sensational wine, and attentive service make for a wonderful epicurean experience.

3. Nikki Beach

Unquestionably one of St. Barth’s finest; this premium oceanfront restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring ingredients representative of all the countries where this hospitality brand is located.

Nikki Beach is more than just a restaurant, but a beach club as well, offering endless varieties of fashion shows, live performances, and themed events. Beyond the sushi rolls, seafood entrees, and slow-roasted free-range rotisserie chicken, is a place of non-stop entertainment including cabaret music and small shows.

Options include salads, sushi rolls, seafood entrees, and slow-roasted free-range rotisserie chicken. Simply put, Nikki Beach is a place to celebrate life’s joys and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with family and friends.

4. Meat & Potatoes

With a very peculiar and curious name, Meat and Potatoes offers numerous culinary peculiarities as well.

This type of restaurant is essentially a new concept created by “JC”, formerly the chef at Esprit Saline, and his wife Estelle. Here, they believe they offer the best meat on the island. From the popular “burger party” to beef filet, T-bone steak, tuna carpaccio , veal chops to rack of lamb and homemade foie gras, Meat and Potatoes is well known for succulent, well prepared meat-dishes.

The desert offerings are also of particular interest. These include a number of English-like, homemade treats including coconut crème and apple tarts.

5. Black Ginger

The posh Black Ginger prides itself on serving excellent Thai dishes; authentic and refined, concocted by a trio of Thai chefs. In fact, the chefs are straight out of Bangkok where they exercised their art behind the stoves of the extremely popular hotel Mandarin Oriental.

Beyond the great taste of Thai dishes is a beautiful and unique setting whereby the interior courtyard opens on the starry sky, matched only by its modern design combining a palette of red and black shades on minimal furniture and fittings.

In St. Bart’s, every meal is a culinary adventure; indeed no visit is complete without a meal at one of these five star locations.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the America.
March 12, 2014