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5 Top Martinique Shore Excursions

Martinique excursions visit plenty of beaches. © Luc Olivier for Martinique Tourist Board
Though a relatively small Caribbean island, Martinique offers several choices for tours and excursions.

Cruise visitors may wish to check out third party shore excursions in order to get a wider variety of options.

1. Special South Tour

The charming south is known for great shopping opportunities. The Special South Tour takes advantage of this, offering a full day of touring and shopping.

The tour offers exploration with small groups and English-speaking guides and includes many chic cafes complete with a plethora of souvenirs and collectibles. Additionally, there will be a stop at Pointe du Bout, a lagoon jutting out into a bay that features fashionable French boutiques as well as sophisticated boats and yachts.

Apart from shopping opportunities, guests are offered visits to the public beach Anse Mitan, overlaid with a gorgeous stretch of white sand. Another point of interest is the Shell Museum, where the landscape is constructed of shells.

2. Art and Nature Martinique Tour

Art and Nature Martinique Tour is essentially a tour of Martinique's Caribbean Sea coast. This includes tours of Gauguin, various gardens and volcano lava streams.

While travelling north, guests will encounter the town of Schoelcher that features several historical sites including monuments and forts. The University of the French West Indies is also located here.

Further, passengers will encounter Case-Pilote, a small fishing village with a busy atmosphere and several historical sites. There is another small and quaint fishing village on the way north, Bellefontaine, which includes a public beach.

The trip culminates at Saint-Pierre, a village destroyed by the eruption of the volcano in 1902. Guests will find various artefacts of the town both pre- and post-eruption as well as other interesting amusements.

3. Walking Tour of Historic Fort de France

As its names suggests, this is simply a walking tour of the historic Fort de France. The tour takes guests through all of the highlights of sophisticated Fort de France with the aid of knowledgeable guides.

The tour begins at the statue of Pierre Belain d'Esnambuc, the first French colonizer of the country, and ends at Léontine Bucher's shop. In-between, there are several points of interest including La Savanne Park, War Memorial, the Empress Josephine Statue, the Schoelcher Library and the St. Louis Cathedral.

Notably, the stop at Martinican juice shop offers a number of delicious drink options for guests.

After the tour, tourists will have the option of remaining downtown and making their own way back to the ship by walking, by taxi, or by the bus. As far as transportation is concerned, tourists will have no major issues. In fact, the number of taxi drivers all trying to get your attention at once may be quite overwhelming.

4. Southern Beach Bike Tour

Voted one of the top 25 nature experiences in the Caribbean by Travel Holiday Magazine, Southern Beach Bike Tour is for the adventurous.

Imagine riding along a lovely, sandy beach in the warm open sun. For most guests, the most enjoyable part of this tour, apart from the beach riding, is playing on in the surf and savouring drinks and a seafood lunch, right on the beach.

Apart from the beachfront, guests will get a chance to view various points of interest including historical sites, restaurants and various attractions close to the coast.

5. Happiness on the Beach

This is a round trip that transfers from Pointe Simon Terminal, downtown or Tourelles Terminal in Fort-de-France and offers beach access and lunch at the Campêche restaurant overlooking the lagoon. Lunch includes a starter, main dish and dessert, coffee or tea and wine.

This tour is especially catered to guests of the upscale private resort Relais & Châteaux Luxury Hotel, a spectacular property with stunning beaches and other beautiful sites.

A great island of the French isles, Martinique boasts diversity and oozes charm from its luscious hills and captivating local flavour. The best way to see all that’s on offer is via an island tour or better yet, a few tours. Go and fulfil your sense of adventure, it will be well worth it.

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