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Guadeloupe Beaches Near the Cruise Port

Sainte-Anne Beach
Sainte-Anne Beach. Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons license

The eastern Caribbean island of Guadeloupe is packed with many beautiful beaches. Most hotels on the island are located either directly on a beach, or less than 20 minutes away from one.

Many of the beaches are free. On an island as scenic and rich in culture as Guadeloupe, it is hard to find a beach that won’t be pleasing to the eye, which can make choosing a beach to visit difficult.

Unfortunately, the Guadeloupe cruise port doesn’t have any nearby beaches. But the following one is popular a popular choice for shore excursions.


Sainte-Anne is known for being one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is about 30 minutes east of the cruise port. The beach is public, with convenient amenities such as open air cafes and restaurants. The beach is in the heart of downtown Sainte Anne, making it popular with tourists and locals alike.

The beach is easy to reach and offers a taste of the authentic French culture in Guadeloupe. This beach offers snorkeling, sailing, and diving. The beach in Sainte Anne is along a stretch of famously beautiful and secluded beaches. A short trip in either direction along the coast is likely to take you to other pristine beaches.

A typical four- to five-hour shore excursion to Sainte-Anne may cost $75 or more via excursion bus if it includes a stop at Carbet Falls along the way. Other options include:

Raisins Clairs

Raisins Clairs beach
Raisins Clairs beach; credit: Philippe Giraud / Guadeloupe Island Tourist Board

The area around Saint Francois on the southern edge of the island between Pointe-a-Pitre and Pointe des Chateau is loaded with secluded fine sand beaches. One of the best is Raisins Clairs. It is 50 minutes or 22 miles east of the cruise port.

Anse Betrand

This beach is on the northern side of the butterfly-shaped island, near a small fishing village. While the beach is not the most secluded on the island, it is without sky scraper hotels, shopping malls, and lavish bars.

This beach boasts just enough amenities to keep visitors well fed and entertained, without feeling too touristy. The beach is easy to access, just off of the scenic main road.

The beach is about 45 minutes directly north of the cruise port. Both Raisins Clairs and Anse Betrand are options for anyone with a rental car and an interest in touring more of the island.

Anse du Souffleur

Sainte-Anne Beach Map

Those looking for a more active beach scene might enjoy the shores of Anse du Souffleur beach. This beach on the northern section of the island is home to the authentic village of Port Louis. Port Louis is a cruise port, making the little town complete with a night life, great shopping, and top rated restaurants.

The shopping in this town is duty free, and beach goers might be able to hear the jazz music played by local musicians in the town. The beach is not only for those seeking shopping and dining.  Anse de Souffleur has several beautiful hiking trails located nearby, making it a beach with the best of both worlds.

Like Anse Betrand, Anse du Souffleur beach is about 45 minutes north of the cruise port. It is west of Anse Betrand.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the America.
January 17, 2022