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Grenda tours and excursions
Tours include St. Georges; credit: Grenada Board of Tourism
Being a beautiful country of lush mountains and crystal clear waters, Grenada offers a wide variety of tours and sightseeing opportunities.

For visitors who would like a hassle-free tour of this small Caribbean island, all they will need to do is contact one of these operators according to their specific specialty and the tourists' particular needs.

1. Mandoo Tours

Mandoo Tours is locally owned and operated tour company with more than 20 years’ experience. Mandoo is known for giving personalized island tours to both locals and visitors to Grenada.

Mandoo features some standard tours, but tourists can also design their own with Mandoo's help. Visitors should make every effort to take their Waterfalls & Rain Forest tour especially if they are interested in hiking and trekking.

For cruise visitors who have limited time or would like to have their own private tour, Mandoo offers a customized tour of Grenada with the sites or events that interest the client.

Mandoo also offers private and group airport and hotel transfers to ensure that tourists make the most of their time on the island with the least amount of worry.

2. Sunsation Tours

Like most other tour companies Sunsation has been around for quite a long time, since 1990 specifically. As such, they know their way around Grenada.

Sensation offers island tours, shore excursions for cruise ships, off-island trips, information and advice. They claim to put tourists in touch with providers of services they do not supply themselves, i.e., day tours to the Grenadines, sailing, snorkelling, golf, diving, etc.

3. K & J Tours

K & J Tours, caters to the needs of all visitors to Grenada, whether it’s the adventurous, the historian or the all-sightseer. K & J is a relatively small agency, offering an experienced and trained tour guide.

4. A & E Tours

A & E Tours is a transportation and tour company. A & E offers a mix of young and not so young people striving to bring a new outlook and energy to the tourism industry in Grenada. Their tours are streamlined to cater for different people with varied personalities.

A & E Tours claims to cater for the nature lover, adventure seeker, history lover and that guest who just wants to relax and enjoy the beautiful island. They also offer packages catering to the special needs of entire families on all their tours.

5. Pete's Mystique Tours and Taxi Service

Peter Morain, the owner of Pete’s, has been actively involved in delivering tours & taxi services for more than 20 years.

With Pete, visitors will be able to explore the island in air-conditioned buses, vans and cars. Pete claims to design tours especially with his guests in mind. He caters to cultural and historical enthusiasts, photographers, bird watchers and those seeking a unique experience.
Pete's Mystique also offers specials to large and small groups, such as sports , fun and businesses etc. He can arrange tours to suit visitors' requirements.

Tours of St. Georges

For people who would like a tour of the capitol city, another option is one of Grenada’s government approved City Guides. They can be found at the cruise ship welcome center in St. Georges. They will take tourists to all the main historical and photo sites, such as the forts, museum and churches, in and around the town.

No visit to Grenada is complete without a tour of the island, where visitors can enjoy its beauty and lush vegetation, as well as explore the island's historical sites. If the reviews are anything to go by, visitors will not be disappointed.

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