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Caribbean Submarine Tour Tips

Atlantis submarine
Atlantis submarine visitors peer out windows. Wikimedia public domain

Caribbean submarine tours offer a way to explore the Caribbean underwater without getting wet.

The dominant player in this unique entertainment niche is Atlantis Submarines, which has locations in Aruba, Barbados, Cozumel and Grand Cayman.

The excursions last about two and a half hours including travel time from the ship to the facility in order to arrive 30 minutes before departure time. The total time underwater is 45 minutes.

The cost is $105 or more for each teen or adult with discounts for children ages 4 to 12. The minimum age to go is 4 years old. The actual cost depends in part on the cruise line. Some charge more than others. Otherwise, anyone who plans in advance can buy tickets from national excursion operators.

Each submarine holds 48 people. They descend to 55 feet and sometimes more than 100 feet so visitors can see marine life and coral reefs up close through viewing windows.

“Very interesting guide. Narrative was funny and informative. Enjoyed the fish and the sunken ship especially. Water was a little cloudy. Could have had more color at the bottom, but still great,” one reviewer said about the Barbados version of the excursion.

More on Costs

Some cruise lines price the excursion close to what the Atlantis company charges if buying directly, while others charge more. The cruise line excursion fee includes transportation to the facility. Anyone who buys directly from Atlantis will have to find their own transportation.

Some people may not need any transportation depending on their level of fitness and willingness to walk if the tour dock is near the cruise terminal.

In Aruba, the Atlantis office is about a five-minute walk south of the cruise terminal on L.G. Smith Boulevard, the main tourist street. In Barbados, the office is a 12- to 15-minute walk north of the terminal.

The walking distance in Cozumel is five minutes north of the terminal. For Grand Cayman, the distance also takes about five minutes to reach the Atlantis office.

For cruise lines that charge more than Atlantis, passengers should consider buying directly from the company if the office is within walking distance of the cruise terminal.

A search for discounts online didn’t produce any results. But budget-minded travelers might get last-minute discounts by visiting the office on shore. It never hurts to ask.