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Discovering the Caribbean: A Romantic Trip for Newlyweds


As newlyweds, you’re sure to want to find the most romantic places to visit on your honeymoon. And what could be more romantic than a trip to the Caribbean?

There are so many beautiful islands to choose from in the Caribbean, each with its own unique flavor. The Caribbean has it all, whether you want a relaxing beach vacation or an adrenaline-pumping adventure. So where should you go on your Caribbean honeymoon? Here are some of our top picks:


Aruba is an independent country that’s part of the four countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands. It’s a dry climate filled with breathtaking seascapes where you can enjoy sunsets daily. Moreover, after the past news about this year’s disaster, you wouldn’t want to get caught up with this phenomenon during your first night as husband and wife. Fortunately, Aruba sits just outside the hurricane, which makes this place one of the perfect getaways for couples all year round. The hotels on this island also offer several all-in packages. So you wouldn’t have a hard time planning the perfect honeymoon.


If you, lovebirds, enjoy a place filled with rich stories and history but with a touch of enjoyable nightlife, then Barbados is perfect for you. For starters, Barbados is home to pink sands and beautiful emerald-blue waves, boasting a picturesque Caribbean coastline. Going back, every local person you’ll meet has a story to tell, and you can spend the entire afternoon listening to the place’s story. So, when the night comes, you can enjoy a spicy night together as husband and wife or interact with the locals with their irresistible nightlife. If you prefer, you can walk around the town and visit the bustling capital of Bridgetown or participate in their Friday Night Fish Fry every Friday!


For couples that prefer to spend their honeymoon discovering several islands, the Bahamas would be the perfect playground for both of you. The Bahamas is an archipelago that’s home to more than 700 islands. Some hotels offer the perfect cruise here to enjoy with your significant other and spend a good afternoon sun on private islands included in some cruises. However, if you enjoy a more adventurous moment together, the Bahamas also boasts a number of watersports and enjoyable parties every night. Visiting this island also means experiencing other unique outdoor experiences like swimming with pigs.

Cayman Islands

Another archipelago on this list is the Cayman Islands. Located just in the Western Caribbean Zone, this three-island place is also perfect for newlyweds who want to make the best of their honeymoon trip. You’ll never experience getting tired or bored with the Cayman Islands as you hop from one island to another. Instead, you can enjoy all sorts of activities on this island, snorkeling your way to explore shipwrecks, swimming with the reefs, or even hiking.

One thing you need to keep note of, though, is that the Cayman Islands is a popular travel destination. That’s why you’ll need to do careful planning as you prepare for your honeymoon. You can read travel tips in Next Vacay to get valuable ideas on how to plan for an
unforgettable honeymoon.

Saint Lucia

To experience a luxurious hotel experience with a beautiful oceanfront view, consider adding Saint Lucia to your list. Once you step into Saint Lucia, you’ll understand why many people consider this place a romantic getaway for couples. The country is filled with culture, friendly locals, and natural beauty that you’ll never forget.

To maximize your romantic honeymoon in Saint Lucia, some hotels present a room that has a private plunge pool where you can sip champagne as you spend the night together. Also, you can enjoy the most romantic candlelit dinner by the beach and talk about your future together. In Saint Lucia, you can focus on being together and enjoying the luxurious moments filled with romance.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is also filled with several serene islands and is an excellent place to relax with your partner and enjoy the place. Like any other islands in the Caribbean, the Turks and Caicos have splendid crystal-clear water and scenic beaches. So, you shouldn’t miss swimming in these waters and experiencing snorkeling with your significant other as you explore the sea of the Caribbean.

There are also diving spots for adventurous couples to look into! Moreover, as enjoyable as it is under the sea, you can experience other fun activities on the ground, such as horseback riding and others.

Final Thoughts

A honeymoon is a way to celebrate being betrothed to each other, and the memories you make are the most important. However, finding the perfect place to create memories together makes it even better. So, if you think about the Caribbean, consider all the places mentioned in this article and find the best one that fits your style!

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