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Caribbean Diving Vacations for Families

It’s a popular sport scuba diving, in fact the fastest growing in the United Kingdom. How do they measure these things?

I mean I never ever met anyone at a party or on a train who said they measure the immeasurable: “So what do you do for a living ?” “I count how many people are taking up a particular sport during the year.”

OK so what is so good about scuba diving? Just three of the 100 reasons:

  1. You get to be weightless as in an astronaught on the moon. Yes indeed when you get the buoyancy technique solved you hang mid water – which for those less than able bodied on land is a massive freedom, for us regular luckies it’s just cool.
  2. You get to spend quality time analysing the magnificent beauty of the reef fish and the garden that is the reef itself. From Brain Coral to massive sea fans and the worms that look like flowers you will be in a dream, yes I think it was very dream like when I learned to dive.
  3. You get to unite the family in a pastime that is healthy, fun and everlong.

You will probably like most people have a distorted view on what is required to learn to scubadive. The classic opinion is that you need to be a strong swimmer.

You don’t need to be a good swimmer though you will need to demonstrate a calmness in the water given you will be diving in a team of divers with the experience to keep you safe as you progress your own diving experience.

You will have learnt in the pool how to operate your BCD (buoyancy control device) which should give you a measure of security regarding flotation on the surface and how it is your other buddy. It may be true that someone who cannot swim will have a mental block and believe they cannot dive but the reality is a non swimmer could in theory scubadive.

So if you delve a little deeper you might agree that it is a most popular way to take a different kind of vacation—a family diving vacation.

What better location than the Caribbean? Arguably the best scuba diving location for learning to dive in the world. With great visibility, high standards of professional dive schools such as PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) and a big dollop of fun take your family underwater and start something bubblicious.

For more information on learning to dive and finding a dive vacation suitable you should check out Caribbean Diving Vacations with advice that is tailor made for your family needs, the best diving vacations are around the corner, find out now how easy it is and start your new family journey.

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