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Cancun Weather in January: Rain, Temperatures

Cancun weather in January
Average high temperature and rainfall in Cancun in January. © Scott S. Bateman

Cancun weather in January is a little cool for anyone wanting to spend time on the beach or in the water. It’s also wetter than usual.

It’s not the worst month to visit this popular Mexican destination, but it’s wise to be prepared for the typical January weather.

Cancun is a popular destination because of the number of major, high-quality hotels that line the tourism strip along with numerous restaurants and shopping areas. It also is convenient to reach from many destinations in North America.

January Temperatures

The average high temperature in January is 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 28 Celsius, according to Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, the Mexico’s national meteorological service. The average low is 69 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 Celsius.

While 82 degrees sounds warm and comfortable, keep in mind that it is the peak daytime temperature.

A low of 69 degrees will bring the water temperature down into the low 70s during the mornings. The addition of trade winds will make seawater feel even cooler.

We have visited Cancun in the winter and found the seawater too chilly for swimming because of strong trade winds and cooler than average temperatures.

January Rainfall

Cancun receives on average about 5.5 inches of rain in January, according to Servicio Meteorológico Nacional. It is above average for the year and the third rainiest month after September and October.

The average rain is nearly the same as June and November.

It rains about 10 days a month, which is below the average for Caribbean destinations. So when it rains, it tends to rain hard.

Is January a Good Time to Go?

January is a below average month for vacationing in Cancun because of a combination of lower than normal temperatures and higher than normal rainfall.

Average rainfall drops quite a bit in February through May while temperatures rise at the same time.

If Cancun is the preferred choice for a vacation and time of year is less important, it’s better to wait a few months for better weather.

January is an option if spending time on the beach and in the water isn’t important, when prices are heavily discounted and the most desirable activities include shopping, dining and attractions such as Chichen Itza.

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Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
December 19, 2023

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