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British Virgin Island Beaches

British Virgin Island beaches have a reputation for being some of the best in the Caribbean.

The Virgin islands are known as a great sailing destination, which is the best way of seeing so many of these small islands and the numerous beaches that they have available.

British Virgin Islands photo
Devil's Bay Beach; © BVI Tourist Board
Anyone visiting by cruise will likely disembark at Road Town on the southern shore of Tortola.

Fortunately, the town is almost in the center of the island, which makes it easier to see the many beaches by taxi, rental car or excursion bus.

Most of the best and most popular beaches lie along the north shore.

Arguably the best, most popular and one often listed as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean is Cane Garden Bay.

This sheltered and curved bay is popular with boaters because it lacks heavy winds. It also attracts swimmers, windsurfers and local residents. Because of its popularity, it also has a number of bars and restaurants.

Nearby and to the northeast of Cane Garden Bay is Brewer's Bay Beach. It is known for the ruins of old plantations and distilleries and for the snorkeling among the reefs.

Farther east from Brewer's Bay is Josiah's Bay Beach, a favorite with surfers and sunbathers. Facilities include a beach bar and nearby restaurants and beach houses. Parham Town is also nearby.

Right next to Josiah's Beach Beach is Long Bay. The western end is quiet and peaceful while the eastern end has a resort and guest houses.

Go farther east again to Elizabeth Beach, located at the far northeast tip of the island at Lambert Bay. It is one of the widest beaches on Tortola and popular for great views, palm groves and picnic spots.

In the opposite direction and southwest of Cane Garden Bay is Apple Bay Beach. It is located near Long Bay and is popular with surfers. Hotels and restaurants are available nearby.

Another option at the west end is Smuggler's Cove. It is accessible by an unpaved road.

Virgin Gorda

The most interesting beach on the British Virgin Islands is the Baths at Virgin Gorda.

The Baths are known for their maze of giant boulders surrounding small pools of water. Visitors swim in-between the boulders with light coming from cracks and openings in the towering rocks overhead.

The walking trails to The Baths also lead to Devil's Bay Beach with its own giant granite boulders and excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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March 30, 2012
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