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5 Great Ways to Tour Bermuda

Bermuda boating
Boating is a great way to see Bermuda; © Bermuda Depart. of Tourism
'Although Bermuda is a relatively small country, excursion tours are extremely popular on this island. In fact, Bermuda may very well feature the most organised excursion system in the entire Caribbean and west Atlantic region.

While this is certainly good news for travellers, it can also be a nuisance in that the plethora of choices often confuse many people as to the best choice to make. Still, depending on preference and the lack of precious time on the island, travellers will need to carefully choose tours.

The following list is a comprehensive overview of the top tour-types in Bermuda so as to present the variety of available choices with an aim of presenting what is best for each person.

1. Bermuda Boating and Sailing Tours

For the ocean lovers, boating and sailing tours are definitely the best option. Not only will such persons get to see corals, various species of fish and other marine life, but shipwrecks and other spectacular scenes through glass bottom views.

Some even combine offshore snorkelling and other water sports along with such boat tours. Other than scheduled boat trips, travellers can also charter a private boat.

2. Bermuda Tours by Minibus, Vans and Train

Operators also conduct private tours on minibuses and vans. Normally, they provide guides on board or the driver himself may be the guide.

There is also an unfamiliar vehicle, the Trolley, that moves on the roads that are unique to Bermuda. There is a train-like vehicle that runs on wheels, takes you around the Dockyard, Hamilton City and St George with a running audio commentary. Another strange and amphibious vehicle moves on both land and sea and therefore serves as a bus and also a boat (also known as Duck Tour).

Travelling by these varied means of transportation, however, allows travellers to see a wider cross-section of Bermuda than they would have seen if their travels were limited to one route.

3. Bermuda Tours by Taxi

Tours by taxi are less common and of course, private. Such tours are suitable for small groups as taxis can accommodate 4 to 6 persons depending on their size.

Some of the taxi drivers are certified tour guides and specialize in island tours. It's important to note however that they usually operate on hourly rates. However, with such tours, there is great time flexibility and it works out cheaper on a per-person basis.

Finally, there are no car rentals in Bermuda, so private tours in a rented car are not possible.

4. Horse Carriage Tours

Though it may seem a bit 18th century, Horse Carriage Tours is one of the best ways to approach touring Bermuda. Stables offer tours around the Dockyard area (Kings wharf), Hamilton City and the historic town of St George.

5. Bermuda Walking and Hiking Tours

For those who like to walk, this is probably the best way to enjoy Bermuda. Travellers get to enjoy every nooks and cranny on a particular route. This is a popular choice for those who wish to explore the island's natural sceneries, culture and history.

It's important to keep in mind that during the summer, the weather in Bermuda can become warm and very humid, so long walks in such conditions can be exhausting.

Touring an island like Bermuda is undoubtedly an amazing experience. From natural attractions to mysterious historical sites, Bermuda offers great excursions experiences that will amaze the experienced as well as novice traveller.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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November 11, 2013
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