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Bahamas Weather in July: More Heat, More Rain

Bahamas weather in July
Average high temperature and rainfall for Nassau Bahamas in July. © Scott S. Bateman

Bahamas weather in July may attract visitors with hot temperatures, but rainfall is likely to keep them away.

Nassau in the Bahamas is one of the top cruise ports in the world. Paradise Island, Grand Bahama and other islands in the chain attract more than one million overnight visitors and about five million cruise visitors every year.

July is the second most popular month of the year for overnight vacationers, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization. It is second only to March, which attracts slightly more visitors.

March and July also are popular months because families have time off from schools. But anyone thinking about a visit should know that Bahamas weather in July is a mixed blessing.

Bahamas Temperatures in July

Nassau Bahamas has an average high temperature in July of nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius, according to the Bahamas Department of Meteorology.

July and August are the two hottest months of the year. In contrast, the average high in January and February is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 Celsius.

The average low temperature in July is 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 Celsius. The low temperatures occur mostly at night.

Hot July temperatures will make beaches more attractive during the day. Shopping, dining and other land activities are best done in the evening.

Average Bahamas Rainfall

The average rainfall in July makes the islands less appealing for anyone wanting clear skies and sunshine.

Nassau has an average rainfall of more than six inches in July, according to the Bahamas Department of Meteorology. It is one of the highest amounts of rain in the Caribbean for that month.

The Caribbean hurricane season officially begins June 1 and ends Nov. 30. Although July is part of that season, the month is usually much less active with tropical storms and hurricanes for most of the Caribbean than later months such as September and October.

The Bahamas are an exception in July with more than six inches of rain. But it could be worse. June has an average of nearly nine inches and August has an average of nearly 10.

Another way to measure rainfall is by counting the average number of days that it rains.

Nassau averages 17 days of rain in July. This compares to 15 in June, 19 in August, 17 in September and 15 in October.

This means the average visitor will usually experience rain on more than half of the days during a visit to Nassau during July.

These numbers are based on historical averages and will vary for each person depending on the weather patterns at that point in time.

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Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
June 04, 2024

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