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Bahamas in August: Weather, Tourism, Events

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The Bahama islands are the most popular destination in the Caribbean region thanks to 5 million cruise visitors and 1.5 million stayover visitors who vacation there over multiple nights.

Oddly enough, the Bahamas in August are popular even though historically the islands experience the highest amount of rain during the month than for any other time in the year.

The Bahamas aren't technically part of the Caribbean because they lie just north of the boundary for the Caribbean Sea.

But they have many of the same weather patterns as the rest of the region, and Nassau and Freeport are popular cruise destinations many months of the year.

Weather Patterns: Heavy Rains

A 30-year history shows that the Bahamas average nearly 10 inches of rain and 19 days of rain during August, according to the Bahamas Department of Meteorology.

By comparison, June is the next worst month with about eight inches of rain and 15 rain days. July, September and October average about six to seven inches each.

The Caribbean hurricane season officially runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. The peak month for storms and hurricanes for most destinations is September with October being the second worst. The Bahama islands are unusual for getting the worst weather in August.

Temperatures are consistent with other summer months.

The average high temperature in August is nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius. The average low is 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius. The lows usually take place at night. Water temperatures will be comfortable for swimming.

Rainfall during the year hits a low point during the cooler winter months.

Tourism: Still Popular

Cruise visits to the Bahamas may decline in August because of the high risk of rain, but the islands remain popular with stayover visitors.

In fact, September through the following February are less popular months.

They are less popular during the fall because of the threat of rain even though the average rainfall is lower during that time.

They are less popular during the winter because of colder temperatures that make swimming and other water sports uncomfortable.


Nassau has one major event, which is the Goombay Summer Festival every Friday in Arawak Cay.

The festival features limbo and fire dancers, food demonstrations, traditional Goombay dancers, rake n' scrape bands, Androsia fashion, a kids' corner, face painters, magicians, a grand Bahamian concert and a Junkanoo Rush Out.

Another regular event in Nassau during August is the Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant.

Grand Bahama has High Rockʼs annual homecoming festival, which celebrates the bounties of the sea in early August. Entertainment includes local bands, a Junkanoo Rush-out, and all you can eat fish, conch and lobster. The festival takes place at the High Rock Primary School.


Vacationers who want to visit the Bahamas should choose another month to go such as May, which has a better combination of warm temperatures and low chances of rain.

Anyone who must go in August should consider a cruise instead of a stayover vacation because a cruise may go to other ports and limit the amount of time in the Bahamas during the rainiest time of the year.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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August 17, 2015
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