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Renaissance Aruba Private Island Visitor Tips

Pink flamingo
Renaissance island is know for its pink flamingos. Credit: Pixabay license
The Renaissance Aruba Private Island is an accurate name for one of the best tourist attractions in Aruba.

It is the only private beach around Aruba, and it is owned by the Renaissance Marriott hotel chain.

The 40-acre island has two quiet coves with white sand beaches and seawalls that ensure calm waters. One of the coves is adults only; note that some adults go topless. The other cove caters to families.

The island is especially known for the pink flamingos that wander among the guests. It also has a spa, water sports, beach tennis and well-stocked fitness facility.

Vacationers who stay at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino in Oranjestad can take a free eight-minute boat ride from their hotel to the island. The resort has one of the more interesting ways of getting there. Guests can jump into a boat right in the indoor hotel lobby, go through a tunnel under L.G. Smith Boulevard and out to the island.

Anyone who isn’t a guest at the resort can pay for a guest pass at the front desk. Guest passes are $99 at the time of this writing and available only on days when hotel occupancy is not above 80 percent. The passes include lunch, one drink and a water float.

Is the price of the day pass worth the money for non guests? Many excursions cost $100 or more for a half-day of activity. An excursion there may have more appeal to older adults. In fact, we saw mostly older adults during our own visit there.

The price may be worth it for anyone who wants to enjoy the quiet and beauty of the coves along with their famous pink flamingos. We found that the small, intimate size of the coves and the limited number of guests added to the peacefulness of the location.

Visitors with large budgets may find the price worth it. Vacationers with limited budgets may find free peaceful beaches up around the California Lighthouse. But visiting the island for free is a no brainer for guests at the resort.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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August 23, 2017

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