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Average Aruba Weather By Month

Average monthly rainfall for Aruba weather
Average monthly rainfall for Aruba weather. © 2018 Scott S. Bateman
Visitors will find that Aruba's average weather is much like other climates in the southern Caribbean with consistent and predictable temperatures throughout the year.

The island also is known for being one of the driest destinations in the Caribbean. It is a good choice for beach lovers who like more sun and less rain.

When is Aruba Rainy Season?

The Aruba rainy season goes from October through December. It is unusual because the Caribbean rainy season goes from June through November.

Still, the island has a light rainy season because it is one of the most arid destinations in the Caribbean.

It lies just outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt. It does experience some spikes in rain when a hurricane passes through the region. But spikes in rain are brief, and the amounts are usually small.

Visitors are more likely to see an increase in cloud cover from regional hurricanes and tropical storms.

Rainfall for this dry island is almost non-existent for most of the year. It averages about 1 inch per month every month except for October through December, when rainfall averages 3 inches a month.

Aruba Temperatures

Aruba Climate Chart
Avg Max Temp868787888990899091909087
Avg Min Temp767676787980797980797876
Avg Water Temp797979808181828283838381
Avg Rain Inches110111121333
The average monthly high temperature is 89 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Meteorological Department of Aruba. This monthly average varies by only a few degrees each month.

Most of the heat will be felt in the arid interior of the island, while the shores have the benefit of the trade winds.

But the beaches often become quite hot during the afternoons in the summer. Anyone walking around in bare feet may find that the sand is painful to the touch.

Jacket weather is rare. The average monthly low temperature is 78 degrees. This average also varies by only 2 degrees each month. The monthly low usually occurs at night.

The average seawater temperature is 81 degrees, making Aruba a comfortable place to swim even in the winter. The coolest seawater months are December through March when the temperature averages 76 degrees.

Aruba Water Temperatures

Aruba water temperatures
© 2021 Scott S. Bateman
The average Aruba water temperatures stay in a range between 79 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 to 28 Celsius, according to historical data from the Meteorological Department of Curaçao.

Normally, water temperatures at that level are balmy, which means they feel noticeably warm. But the above temperatures are averages. There are exceptions, such as the time we visited Aruba in February and saw that almost no one was swimming because the water temperature and trade winds were too chilly.

Not surprisingly, Aruba visitors will find that water temperatures are most likely to feel warm enough when the average reaches the highest point from September through November.

Aruba Windy Season

Aruba windy season
The Aruba windy season goes from March through August. The above chart shows the wind speed in millimeters per second. © 2021 Scott S. Bateman
Aruba is often windy, especially on the western coast that faces Venezuela. The Aruba windy season goes from March through August when the average windspeed is more than 18 miles per hour.

The average maximum wind speed reaches an annual high in July at more than 37 miles per hour. Again, most of the wind hits the barren west coast, although the populated east coast hotels and resorts feel the effects.

Although trade winds aren't a reason to stay away from Aruba, they can make the visit uncomfortable at times, especially when winds kick up sands on the beach.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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May 09, 2021