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Aruba Points of Interest

Aruba has diverse points of interest that will send visitors all over this warm and arid Caribbean island.

12.5092, -70.00863
Oranjestad is hard to miss. The capital and largest city on the island is located right by Queen Beatrix International Airport.

Anyone landing by plane will drive through the city to reach resorts at Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. Anyone visiting by cruise will land right in the city with easy walking distance to shops, restaurants and attractions.

Palm Beach
12.56906, -70.04138
Palm Beach is the best and most popular point of interest on Aruba.

The beach itself is famous in the Caribbean for the wide swathe of white sand. But it’s also the atmosphere of restaurants and bars that line the beach as well as the restaurants, hotels and attractions that line Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard that runs beside it.

Eagle Beach
Eagle Beach © Aruba Tourism Authority

Eagle Beach
12.55127, -70.05645
Eagle Beach lies next to Palm Beach. It’s hard to tell when one beach ends and the other begins.

The hotels and resorts that line Eagle Beach aren’t as fancy or expensive as the ones that line Palm Beach. But the beach itself is just as wide and white as Palm.

California Lighthouse
12.61373, -70.05132
The lighthouse at the northern tip of the island is not much different than most lighthouses. But the views are nice, the dunes are fun to hike and the sunrises and sunsets are worth watching.

Arikok National Park
12.4912, -69.92529
Arikok is a desert in the middle of one of the most arid islands in the Caribbean. It is popular because of caves, the Natural Pool, hiking, horseback riding and ATV rides. It also has some remains of the original Indians who lived on Aruba.

Natural Bridge
12.54133, -69.95857
The most famous natural landmark on the island doesn’t exist anymore, but that doesn’t stop people from visiting the location.

The massive Natural Bridge collapsed in 2005. Still, the location has the Baby Bridge as well as some windy, rocky and austere views of the island’s west coast.

Butterfly Farm
12.56366, -70.05026
The Aruba Butterfly Farm is a tropical garden with butterflies from around the world. The farm is especially popular with photographers. Visitors can handle the butterflies with the help of a tour guide.

Ostrich Farm
12.54611, -69.97848
The Ostrich Farm allows visitors to feed and touch the giant birds and sometimes even stand on their tough eggs.

Donkey Sanctuary
12.48975, -69.96638
The donkey sanctuary is home to 30 to 40 of these wild animals that were rescued from wandering on the island. Visitors can pet and feed the animals.

Natural Pool
12.52455, -69.92855
The Natural Pool is one of the most remote attractions on the island. Visitors can reach it only by horseback, hiking or a 4x4 vehicle. The pool is an enclosed formation on the coast that is fed by waves hitting the rocky wall surrounding it.

Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera.
July 15, 2016

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