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Antigua Weather in November -- Rainfall and Temperatures

Antigua weather in November is wet enough to make most people stay away.

Some islands catch a break in November as the Caribbean hurricane season winds to a close. But not Antigua.

This island paradise with plenty of colonial history is a popular cruise stop in the southeast Caribbean.

It lays claim to having 365 beaches or one for every day of the year.

Visitors also will find plenty of shopping and dining opportunities at the port city of St. Johns.

English Harbour is a favorite tourist attraction because of its history with the English navy.

But the Caribbean hurricane season, which goes from the beginning of June to the end of November, has a great deal to do with when it makes sense to go there.

The following statistics are based on a 30-year history and will vary somewhat from year to year.

Average Rainfall

November Weather Stats

Avg. High
85 degrees F
Avg. Low
75 degrees F
Rain Inches
Rain Days
The hurricane season usually reaches its peak of activity in September and October, but Antigua weather generates a nearly equal amount of rain for three months straight.

Total rainfall in November averages about 5.3 inches or nearly identical to the amounts in September and October, according to the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorology Services.

By comparison, Antigua receives less than three inches of rain from January through April and again in June.

The average number of days it rains is 13, which is slightly lower than the typical Caribbean destination with this much rain.

The number of rain days is 10 or less from January through June.

Average Temperatures

Staying warm and swimming in comfortable water is rarely a problem in this part of the Caribbean. Antigua is no different.

The average high temperature in November is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The average low is about 75 degrees.

Antigua temperatures stay fairly consistent throughout the year and vary by only a few degrees each month.

Whether to Go

Antigua should be avoided in November because the risk of rain is too high.

People who visit the island this month usually do so because they take a chance with the weather, they get discounted prices or they don’t know that November is a rainy month.

If Antigua sounds appealing and other months are an option, consider going any month from January through June.

If low prices are appealing, consider Antigua in November as part of a last-minute vacation with a weather forecast that looks good.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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November 20, 2012

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