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Antigua in August: Weather, Tourism and Events

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Antigua carnival
Antigua Carnival in August. © Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority
Antigua tourism drops in August at the same time the weather gets just a little worse.

This southeastern Caribbean island is one of those destinations that is more popular with cruise visitors than stayover visitors.

Antigua averages more than 500,000 cruise visitors a year -- about the same amount as Aruba and nearby Barbados -- and about 250,000 stayover visitors, according to statistics from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

The weather is a major factor in when they come to the island and whether August is a good time to visit.

Average Rainfall: Starts Getting Worse

Tourists who come to Antigua in August may experience slightly higher rainfall than any month from January through June, except for a bump in May.

The average rainfall during the month is about four inches, according to historical data from the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorology Services.

It's better than the five or more inches that the island usually experiences from September through November at the height of the Caribbean hurricane season.

But the number of days it rains in August is the same as October through December -- an average of 13 days each.

Average Temperatures: Warm Enough

Antigua shares the same consistent temperatures as most other Caribbean destinations.

The average high temperature is 87 degrees Fahrenheit or about 31 degrees Celsius. The average ranges between 83 degrees in the winter to as much as 88 degrees in the summer on a typical day.

Nighttime temperatures stay moderate with an average of 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 78 degrees.

August Tourism: Not Such a Popular Month

Antigua tourism reaches a high point from December through April and starts dropping in May when the rain picks up. Tourism continues to decrease until the low point in September.

It's one of the few Caribbean destinations that is more popular in the winter than in the spring or summer.

August has the fourth lowest amount of tourism during the year after June, September and October.

September plunges deeply as cruise ships stay away from that part of the Caribbean because of hurricane season.

August Events

Despite the drop in tourism, Antigua has several major events to entertain visitors.

Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday take place during the first Monday and Tuesday of the month.

The events wrap up a 10-day festival that celebrates the end of slavery on the island. They feature parades, costumes, music, beauty pageants and talent shows.

Revelers, troupes, bands and floats roll through the capital of St. John's on Monday and then do it again on a different route on Tuesday.

Another major event is the Warriors Cup International Soccer Tournament, which goes from mid August to early September.

August also is part of the annual Antigua turtle watching season when hawksbill and leatherback turtles come up on the beach to lay their eggs.

Visitors watch the turtles in the evenings as part of group tours that follow strict guidelines about how to behave around the turtles.


Among all of the months to go to Antigua, August is in the middle of the pack based on weather and tourism.

A winter visit is an option for anyone who doesn't want to spend time in the water, which will be cool enough at times to be uncomfortable.

People who do want to spend time in the water will find that August is one of the better choices, but not among the best. June and July are better choices because they have similar temperatures and lower risk of rain.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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August 10, 2015
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