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Anguilla Snorkeling Excursion Review

Anguilla snorkeling
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Our Anguilla snorkeling excursion was the best one we have taken in the Caribbean. The water clear, beach beautiful and sea creatures colorful.

The excursion was a day trip to Anguilla while we spent a week in St. Maarten. Our destination was the Lower West End Point of Anguilla. We departed from Simpson Bay in St. Maarten.

The boat ride took about 45 minutes on a nearly perfect day with few clouds in the sky, a light breeze and temperatures in the mid 80s Fahrenheit.

Although the water was a bit choppy at times, our group made a quiet crossing, spending most of our time watching our destination in the distance get closer.

We passed two tiny, uninhabited islands as we made our approach -- Blowing Rock and Anguillita Island -- and came to a stop about 100 yards from shore.

Beautiful and Empty Beaches

What struck us immediately was the fact that we saw a wide, unnamed but beautiful beach (one of 33 on the island) and not a single person on it. All the better for a quiet afternoon. We had no doubt that we should be heading toward that beach after spending time in the water.

Plenty of articles are available online about the best places to snorkel in the Caribbean. In our experience, no two places are alike and no two days in the same place are alike. Luck plays a big part in what happens during the snorkeling experience. Beautiful fish and exotic sea creatures can show up in places that don't make the list for best snorkeling islands. Other top spots might not have a lot to show that day.

Today was a day for not much in the way of sea life. Yes, we did see some colorful fish, but we did not see anything exotic.

That didn't matter. Every time our heads bobbed up above the water to look around, we saw that beautiful white sand beach nearby.

It probably should not have been a surprise that we drifted closer and closer to that beach and finally walked onto the shore.

Maybe the beauty of the day had something to do with it, and maybe the lack of any other person also helped, but it was the most peaceful and pretty beach I have seen in a long time.

We spent the rest of our time walking up and down the beach, sitting for a while, floating in the surf for a while and forgetting all of our troubles and responsibilities.

Too soon, the boat's crew called us back to leave for the obligatory meal and beverages that were a part of this particular shore excursion. It became a picnic on another shore in a more populated area. It too was fun and peaceful, but nothing like that quiet beach on the southwest tip of Anguilla.

Snorkeling Excursion Tips

An Anguilla snorkeling excursion from St. Maarten will cost about $120 per person including lunch and transportation. The national excursion operator has one such option.

It's important to keep in mind that most excursion operators on St. Maarten will leave from several points on the island. The cruise port at Philipsburg is the farthest point away from Anguilla and will take the longest to get there. Simpson Bay and Marigot will take less time.

Anyone who vacations on Anguilla has easier and less expensive options. They can take a taxi or rental car to any of the major beaches such as Barnes Bay and Crocus Bay and snorkel right off the beach.
Scott S. Bateman is a professional journalist who has traveled widely throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.

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February 14, 2020
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