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Best Hiking in Aruba

Arikok Aruba parkHiking in Aruba has more in common with the southwest U.S. than anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Best Time to See Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya beachThe best time to visit Riviera Maya in Mexico is the same as Cancun and Cozumel.

2015 Hurricane Season

Caribbean hurricane seasonForecasters predict that the 2015 Caribbean hurricane season will be one of the least active since the mid 20th century.

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Caribbean Weather in May

Caribbean weather in May offers an attractive combination of higher temperatures and less crowded destinations. But some locations have a brief rainy season.

Antigua Weather in May

St. Johns AntiguaMay weather in Antigua usually brings more rainfall than normal for the early part of the year.

Jamaica Tourism Statistics

Jamaica receives more resort visitors than cruise visitors, according to tourism statistics.

Aruba Tourism Statistics

Aruba tourism continues a steady climb in popularity for this southwestern Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela.

Havana Tourist Attractions

Havana tourist attractions encompass centuries of conquest, war and revolution.

Best Times to Visit Costa Rica

Puntarenas pierCosta Rica has distinct dry and rainy seasons depending on the location. See the best times to go.

Antigua Hurricane Season

See Antigua climate including temperatures and rainfall by month so you can plan your vacation around good weather.  > Antigua weather in
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