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Dominica Cruise Port Profile

Trafalgar Falls DominicaThe port of Roseau is modest, but it also is a gateway to one of the region's best eco tourism experiences.

Limón Costa Rica Cruise Port

Cahuita National ParkThe Limón Costa Rica cruise port, or Puerto Limón, is an island of humanity surrounded by vast rain forests.

The Caribbean in February

Trinidad beachCaribbean weather in February is near the end of cooler temperatures and also in the dry season.

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Aruba  • Bahamas
Cancun  • Cayman Islands
Cozumel  • Dominican Republic
Jamaica  • St. Maarten

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Havana Monthly Weather

Havana sunriseHavana's monthly weather has predictable warm for most of the year, but rainfall spikes in June and October.

Puntarenas Cruise Tips

Puntarenas aerial viewThe Costa Rica port of Puntarenas is a common stop on Panama Canal cruises and an ideal eco tourism destination.

Best Times to Visit Martinique

Tropical MartiniqueMartinique ranks among the most popular islands in the Caribbean, but only during certain months of the year.

Puntarenas Climate

Puntarenas beachPuntarenas Costa Rica is a popular cruise port with extreme climate seasons that change virtually overnight.

Best Months to Visit Curacao

Curacao landscapeThe best time to visit Curacao is just about any time because the island is known for low rainfall and warm weather all year long.

Caribbean Rainy Season

Tropical Storm EmilyThe Caribbean clearly has a dominant rainy season, but it also has several smaller rainy seasons as well.

Western Cruises on the Cheap

Carnival Glory in BelizeFinding a cheap western Caribbean cruise is no different in many ways than shopping for a Christmas gift.